Top Places to See Flame Red Maples

Beishan Road in autumn and winter is the most charming. Along the bank of the West Lake, the London plant trees have turned from green into light yellow. Those dense leaves that provided islands of shade have now fallen off. The trees are stretching their body gracefully, competing with the sun to show off their splendors.

In the deep shade of the trees, a delicate building with ochre-red exterior walls and exquisite carvings is partially seen. It serves as an excellent backdrop to take photos.

And red autumn leaves are also worthy of expectations.

The red maples of late autumn add another romantic touch to the Prince Bay Park. The red maples growing at the water's edge are so hot and gorgeous that their reflections sway in the water, creating a unique colorful scene.

If you love tranquility, you can't miss the red maples at ”Breeze-ruffled Lotus at Quyuan Garden.” The red maple leaves, against the backdrop of ancient pavilions, are a stunning sight to see, presenting the strong flavor of Jiangnan gardens.

The “red maple” stream at Jiuxi Smoky Tree is one of the most popular autumn and winter attractions in Hangzhou and the view will never disappoint you.

Layers of maples leaves in different shades of red look like rosy clouds in the sky. Beneath them is the rushing spring water which is crystal clear... This is a sort of beauty so rich in colors that even the best of painters could not hope to match it.

There is another road, known as the "Avenue of Red Leaves" - Lingyin Road. The trees on both sides of the road are mainly Japanese maples, mixed with a few red maples from time to time. Every autumn and winter, the leaves gradually turn from green to yellow, and to orange and red. "Nine miles of pines, ten miles of maples, and the forest is all red.” This describes the beauty of the place.

The following spots are also not-to-be-missed places to see red leaves.

Yanggong Causeway: The maple leaves at Yanggong Causeway are different because they are not all red, but a variety of colors cluster together, and the reflections in the water are also very beautiful.

Xiling Bridge: The red leaves of Xiling were very popular among the royal family throughout the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties.

Longjing Road: Longjing Road is lined with red maples, all planted in the late 1970s. When you stand at Longjing Mountain Park and look down, the stretches of red maples look like a long red reclining dragon.

Shitang Park: Shitang Park is located on the north side of Shitang Road in the Shitang Community of Banshan Sub-district. Formosan gum, Huangshan goldenrain trees, wingleaf soapberries, red maples and dawn redwoods all turn red and yellow, once the season comes around and they are stunningly beautiful.

Xianghu Lake: You can go to the west of Cailian Bridge on the Lotus Pond, Chengshan Pier, Yaoliwu, the Walking Trail in Xianghu Lake Phase I and the east of Yongyue Bridge in Xianghu Lake Phase II, etc. to see maple leaves.

The Qingshan Lake Water Forest in Lin'an has recently gone viral again. Large-scale dawn redwoods stand straight and tall in the water, and the surface of the water is covered with lush green duckweed. It is so lush that netizens mockingly call it a "matcha cake"!


In fact, the scenery of the water forest is different throughout the year, and in December, as the leaves of dawn redwoods start to change color, this place will enter its most beautiful season!

Meiling South Road is also a treasure road. In autumn and winter, the road is caramel-colored. On one side of it are terraced tea fields and on the other side are towering dawn redwoods, and the air is filled with romantic and healing warmth!