Feel the Ease and Relaxation of Xiaoshan from This Moment On.

1. Hangzhou Changqiao Polar Ocean Park: Happy Exploration

There is a sort of romance which is to take you to an ocean park to see the most healing azure. Hangzhou Changqiao Polar Ocean Park is currently one of the largest inland marine parks in China, which combines displays of polar animals and marine fish, and polar experiences.

The naive penguins, naughty seals and clever white whales ... These lively and lovely animals always bring people happiness. Let’s join this ocean carnival together.

Hangzhou Changqiao Polar Ocean Park

Tel: 0571-82609090

Address: No. 777 Xianghu Road, Xiaoshan District

2.Super Gloria Art Center: A Fairytale World

There is a color, which can always make one's heart beat like a teenager girl when seeing her secret crush, as soon as you see it, and the building with this color also comes naturally with a sweet atmosphere. In Xiaoshan, there is a unique art space inspired by pink. Take advantage of the cool weather and go to the Super Gloria Art Center to encounter art and romance!

From the entrance, the pink walls of the entire castle contrast sharply with the azure sky and make you feel you've instantly stepped into a game scene with saturated colors and bright lines, outlining a surrealistic and romantic scene.

Super Gloria Art Center

Tel: 4000169979

Address: No. 43-1 Wanda Middle Road, Xiaoshan District

3. Wenyan Pier: Romantic and Artistic

Old neighborhoods, old docks, small bazaars ... Xiaoshan is simply a sacred place for nostalgic people. The scenes here do not need to be photoshopped, revealing a strong sense of their times. Wenyan Pier was built in the 1980s. After operating for about half a century, the pier looks a little bit old but not dilapidated. It is still full of vigor. Many people of the older generation are still used to buying river food in Wenyan.

It seems to have broken free from the shackles of time and has been kept in the same shape as it was built, and once you enter the boundary of the pier, it is as if you instantly "travelled" to the past. If you come at the right time when the sun sets on the river, the shimmering waves will let you feel the ultimate romance ... Enjoy a pink dream at Wenyan Pier.

When the night falls, the rosy clouds dissipate to the "seaside." As you see the sky turn gradually into whitish pink, with cool breezes caressing your face, you can close your eyes and you will feel like sitting on the soft sand of the seaside. The world is vast and the sky is high ...