Enjoy a Short Escape to a Guesthouse in Fuyang

1.Longmen Yishi Guesthouse | Stay deep in the ancient town and relive the stories of the past and present

Longmen Ancient Town is located on the south bank of Fuchun River, about 16 kilometers from Fuyang District. Behind the town stands Longmen Mountain, which is No. 1 mountain in Fuyang. When Yan Ziling, a famous scholar in the Eastern Han Dynasty, visited Longmen Mountain, he wrote "This place has beautiful mountains and clear water, even more beautiful than Longmen of Luliang." Hence the name of Longmen Ancient Town.

Longmen Yishi Guesthouse is located in Longmen Ancient Town. To the west is Longmen Creek, which flows down from Longmen Mountain, and on the other side of the creek is the famous attraction of Gengdu Chuanjia. This creek tells ancient stories, and three stone bridges connect fashion and simplicity. The advantageous location makes it easy to tour around.

Out of respect for the old house and the surrounding environment, the designers did not make major changes to the facade and structure, but only reinforced the structure and enhanced the coziness. Meanwhile the designers made the old house into 12 rooms with different styles, making the house blend perfectly with the general atmosphere of the old town and it is full of charm.

With a street as the separating middle line, the southern part of the guesthouse is the Pink Yard, which has a common courtyard, and the room types there are all courtyard rooms and courtyard view rooms; the northern part is the Shu Yard, a relatively independent suite with stream view rooms, stream view suites and sunshine rooms.

Whether you are looking for a place to relax after exploring at the top of Longmen Mountain or want to escape from the hustle and bustle in the ancient town, Longmen Yishi is a good place to go for a leisurely trip.

Address: No. 67 Xidi Road, Longmen Ancient Town, Fuyang District

Tel: 13868132604

2. Hangzhou Moshang Guesthouse | Find a moment of leisure in a busy life

Hangzhou Moshang Guesthosue is located in the north of Longmen Ancient Town's sea of flowers. Standing directly in front of the 100-mile lotus pond, the guesthouse faces Xinmei Peak of Longmen Mountain and offers an unobstructed view of the mountain and the lotus pond.

Sit in the small courtyard at the entrance. The courtyard is full of colors, all in the "masterpieces" of flowers and plants. Enjoy all these quietly and let your life slow down to see all the beautiful things of nature.

The guesthouse is a small 3-story building with 5 rooms of different styles and is equipped with a gym, a chess room and other recreational facilities.

In the guesthouse, the clocks seem to be consciously turned on 0.5 speed. No one wants to break the quietness. The time ticking away just packs away all the bad mood without being noticed.

Address: Longmen Village, Longmen Town, Fuyang District

Tel: 13185004217