Black Pottery from Liangzhu Culture
Besides the exquisite jade artifacts, Liangzhu culture is also well known for its shiny black pottery. Originating in China in the New Neolithic age, black pottery is a unique craft mastered by the Han nation and is characterized by its shiny black color, clear vibrations and paper-thin vessel walls.

Liangzhu Culture, China Culture

Black pottery wares have been unearthed from a number of archeological sites but the ones discovered in the Liangzhu Culture are, in fact, mainly grayish often mixed with sand or black with grayish bases, both are exquisite and of different styles with some lacquered and others painted with patterns.

The method that Liangzhu people used to make black pottery is quite advanced, given the time, as they had already mastered the modern skills of hand making pottery on a spinning wheel producing even symmetrical shapes.

Black Pottery, Liangzhu Culture, China Culture

The exemplary pottery wares of Liangzhu culture are Ding (ancient Chinese cauldrons, standing upon legs with a lid and two facing handles) or Zun (wine vessels with a round or square vase-like form), all of which are presented in unique and imaginative shapes.